Rules for creating a new POST. Read This Before .p

1.The Tittle of your post must be like this:
Model + Chipset + your problem
GemiBook XPro N100 Does not restart

So the title will look like this: “GemiBook XPro N100 Does not Boot”

2.On your message ,
2.1-You must post the Serial number of your product.
2.2- Where did you buy it (Aliexpress,, etcc)
2.3- When did you buy it
2.4 Where are you from
2.4- Explain in detail your problem

These questions Help me to go straight to the point and help more fast and efficiently.Without asking info questions

*Where to find the Serial number of your laptop?, it on the back . If you are not sure just upload a picture,
*If you think would be more useful to upload a video, because the problem is quite difficult to understand. I activated that option .Please must be less than 10MB.
*To distinguish the chipset no need to say Intel Core, or the name,iIN the tiitle of the post, we normally distinguish them by the number like i5 1230U, N100 etcc

(This post was updated by Maria on 28-1-2024)