I have the HiPAD LTE and in general I am satisfied with its performance. However, the lack of information on updates - especially security updates is rather concerning. Please keep your customers informed!

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Dual SIM Slot is Unstable.
I received HiPad LTE this week in Japan from China Alibaba.
But I was surprised & Became sad because of・・

I couldn’t use 3G&LTE that my Japanese two careers SIMs didn’t Recognize.
I inserted that SIMs to SIM Slot-1 & Micro SD to SIM Slot-2.
I found Hi9 users’s coment that SIM Slot-2 only works Japanese SIM & Recognize.
And so,I can use 3G&4G&LTE,but After it Every time I use,Vaild SIM Slot change 1→2 &
It is Unstable ! !

Write to aftersale@chuwi.com please

I can’t access this site・・・.
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I tried to this problems and discovered for recognition of SIM card that it’s need to insert to SimSOLT2 FIRST. BUT if you turn off you need DO OVER Again.