Moderator Recruitment from Chuwi Forum

Dear Chuwi FANS,

As CHUWI Forum is growing day by day, we are looking for more talented and capable active members to join us in the management team of the forum. If you have a passion for CHUWI products and capabilities of management, You are welcome to join us.

Who can become Chuwi forum moderator?

  • People that have a passion for tablet and computer, Not afraid of trying new things, take technique as a center;
  • Rich experience with tablet related technology, and forum management;
  • Want to offer/share your knowledge with other members/mods;


  • Have more reading and writing permission;
  • Forum threads management;
  • Promotion to higher management level;
  • Talk to Chuwi Admin team directly;
  • Receive gifts from Chuwi Team(such as tech gadgets, tablets, and money etc.);
  • Priority to participate in Chuwi official activities;


  • Create high-quality threads and bring more traffic for Chuwi official forums;
  • Answer and help users to solve their problems;
  • Offer guidance to forum members to help them use the forum properly;
  • Edit, move, merge, or remove threads or posts that do not comply with related rules;
  • Organize online events to activate the forum;


  • Be willing to carry out the CHUWI Forum Rules fairly;
  • Humble, a good listener and being good at explaining into details to members that don’t have so much technic expertise, and all the other traits that make you a good team player;
  • Familiar with Chuwi tablet and its feature (or be really good at Googling, searching online for answers or simply just asking fellow mods humbly);
  • Previous forum management experience preferred, but guidance is provided;

How to Apply?
If you want to apply for becoming a moderator, please finish the information below in comment box or send me a message. After receiving the comment or message from you, I will reply to you at the first time. Thanks for your support!

  • Real Name: Your Real Name;
  • User Name: Your Forum User Name;
  • Age: Your Age;
  • Country of origin: The country in which you live;
  • Language: Which language can you speak and write? (In that order);
  • Online hours: When are you online most? How many hours are you online every day?
  • Occupation: What is your current occupation?
  • Past experiences with moderation: Have you ever been a moderator before? Tell us where/what that was like.
  • Additional comments: Anything else you want us to know about you.

Please send email to for application and we will response in 48hrs.

Notice: If you are inactive more than 3 months, we will remove your admin privileges .