Trying to find and remove android

Hello, I have a tablet with a dual operating system (chuwihi8). The problem is the inability to find and remove the android. I tried different options. Use disk management, diskpart , gparted live and other similar programs . In the process of installing a new Windows, I can see only the space from the dead old Windows in the disk partitions (standard 29-32 GB). The memory from android is not displayed even after installation. The BIOS says that the android and windows are located on the same disk. If you run diagnostics in the working windows, then you can select the android. One person suggested that the android is written in ROM and cannot be deleted without turning the tablet into a brick. But other people see this section with android. What do you think?

Read this: [TUTORIAL] How to remove Android and install Windows on a dualboot tablet (Intel Processors)

Hello, I saw your guide. Problem with 32 bit windows? 32 bit windows does not see the partition with android?