Ubook X 2023 i5-10210Y Drivers Windows 11

Hello guys,

I just notice it’s a current topic in this forum users asking for drivers. I’ve just uploaded mine on MEGA.nz. It’s around 600MB. Just Extract the files, use Windows Device Manager and point to the correct folder in your PC.

LINK: 619.26 MB file on MEGA

Hope that helps ; )

Thank you so much for sharing. Is this, the drivers that came with your computer? If so, can you provide me the serial number of your computer, so i will pin this link in the thread for that. and Specify it is for some specific serial numbers. So i hope it help others

Yes, they are the original drivers. The serial number is YUbokXCW3H230401980.

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They don’t have a dedicated driver page for Ubook X 2023, but check the website for other Ubook models’ drivers and see if they are compatible. Alternatively, contact CHUWI support directly for confirmation.

@alexcray As there were many serial numbers and drivers being different for each one, eventually they decided would be better to contact support. But i will be updating the forum for each model,everytime someone provide me the serial number, and my colleagues give me the link for them.

Hi, would like to check does your Ubook X support 4096 pressure point palm rejection stylus? If yes are you using Hi Pen H6 or H7?

Sorry, I don’t have a stylus to test it.