Отключение USB у выключенного компьютера Corebox 4th

Добрый день!
Как мне выключить порты USB после выключения компьютера
В BIOS такой возможности нет или я ее не увидел.
Спасибо за помощь.
Good afternoon!
How do I turn off the USB ports after turning off the computer
There is no such possibility in the BIOS, or I did not see it.
Thanks for the help.

maybe @manonegra222 can help?

After the computer is turned off, the USB ports continue to work. How can they be distinguished?

I will ask also tech tomorrow .

They are making some tests, like changing the EC software. If they confirm i will send to you.
Would you please tell me the Serial Number of your model? so they can register this?

ZCoBoxIW1 H221100456

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ZCoBoxIW1 H221100456

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They are still trying several things to see how it can be shut down. I will answer back when they give me the solution


Hello Tech finally developed a patch for this.
Here is the file. You guys try it and see if works so other users know.