Wifi hi10pro broken - driver usb wifi


My internal entenna is broken. I bought an usb wifi. In windows the driver is installed. But how do I install the driver in Android. I’ve read that this must been written in the flash/kernel?
But where do i have to put the extra code and what for code?
I found on the forum HQ64G42170705940

Model CW1529 HI10 HQ64G42170908126


Only some Wifi USB devices are compatible with Android and Windows. You should look for this property in the characteristics of the product you buy.

Ok thanks for your answer. The one i bought has the following driver in windows: “802.11n usb wireless Lan Card”.
So I can’t use this one with android? Isn’t it possible to rewrite the bios so that this driver loads in android?

No, it is not possible since the android drivers are inside the kernel and it is not accessible