Windows 10 Touchscreen Driver (LQ64G42180304141)

I hope I can ask you something… again… ^^
After installing Android on my Hi 10 pro, I reinstalled windows 10.
Everything is working, except the touchscreen.
So, I´d like to ask, if you have a Touchscreen driver for my Model.
This is my serial number: LQ64G42180304141.
I also need the Bosch accelerator driver.
Thank you ^^

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I tried to install this driver, but got this error message:
Windows was unable to install your unknown device.
The unknown device has this Hardware ID: ACPI\VEN_MSSL&DEV_0017
I think this is the Touchscreen.
Windows driver signature is already turned off.
I also tried to install the .inf via right-click, but nothing happened.

Hello, please be sure to describe the problem according to the model of your equipment.This problem occurs because your device is hi10 plus and you’re classified in hi10 Pro. Anyway,this is the link:

It worked for me, thanks