Windows 11 Update

Has anyone tried to update their GemiBook to Windows 11? If so, can you share your experience?


Hi, I am also interested in any feedback from anyone who updated their Gemibook to W11.
I just got the green light from windows update for Windows 11 and waiting for the release of the actual upgrade.
A bit worried on the response of the drivers…
Looking forward to any news from the other users.

Hello, i’d like also some feedback ; tks you all

Hi, First I download Win 11 iso from Microsoft, then I mount iso in Win 10 and setup to update from win to 11. It works without problem and keep activation.
Result is Windows 11 Family version 21H2 build 22000.194 :grinning:

I did !

Buenos días. -
En la página de descargas de windows 11 Descarga Windows 11 (, cogí la primera opción de actualizar y seguí los pasos que indican y se instaló perfectamente, y guardando las configuracione de todos los controladores y de mis programas y archivos. Siempre que el equipo sea compatible, es la mejor opción. Por lo mensos esta es mi experiencia.

I upgraded with the assistant, everything seens to be fine, my gemibook j4125, 8gb is reactve , all drivers ok

Hi I have upgraded to Windows 11 on my Gimibook, by using Windows update Web page all seems ok everything appears to work, only problem that I have found is when I first power up the laptop it takes a long time to boo up to the first screen but apart from that it seems to be OK but early days yet.

I updated mine a week ago and everything seems fine so far.

As I said in another post, with W11 the micro seems to be blocked or something like that. Drivers are correct but when you try to do a micro test online or use Zoom, it doesn’t works. I don’t know what to do :\

EDIT: I come back to W10 because it’s so easy directly from W11 and now micro works fine. Yes, it’s totally a W11 problem with Gemibook microphone.

Do you mean a video meeting? I have no room to test this option with my windows 11.

EDIT, works fine on W11

Hi, I have also upgraded to Windows 11 recently.
Actually I have the exact same problem as @Masme. Everything was fine but now my microphone is not wirking anymore. Would you please help me and send me compatible drivers for my Gemibook 13 - Intel(R) Celeron(R) J4125, 8GB RAM.

Thank you
Best regards

I had the same issues with the microphone. Even uninstalled drivers and tried random ones. A quick fix for this is to go Sound Settings (you can just press the Windows key and type it) → Scroll down to Advanced and click “More sound settings”. A “Sound” window appears , here go to “Recording” tab , right click on Microphone then click “Properties”. Now a “Microphone properties” windows appears, here go to “Advanced tab” and at the bottom disable “Enable audio enhancements”.

For anyone who went a bit far with drivers uninstalling and require the original ones , here is a link:
To install them first extract the archive, then go to Device Manager(you can just press the Windows key and type it) , click on your computer’s name (“Desktop-some_random_code”), then click on “Action” tab and “Add drivers”. Just select the driver’s folder and it will work.

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Thank you! That was so helpful. :blush: Finally the microphone works again. I am so happy :star_struck:


a mi me sucedi{o lo mismo. y regres{e a windows 10

I have same problem with the Mic.
Thank let know that is not the mic problem

using a ´Chuwi Gemi book?