You ask I answer

The rule of this game is very simple, one person has to answer the previous person’s question and then continue to throw a question to the next person.(any topic is ok) Well, let me start the game!

Why is the sea blue?

Because there are fish in the sea, fish blowing bubbles say “blue,blue,blue…”:crazy_face:
Why can’t Tom catch Jerry?:cowboy_hat_face:

If Tom wins, Jerry dies. And no more best cartoons… :face_with_monocle:

My turn.

Do you push the elevator button more than once?
Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?:rocket:

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Yes, My hand won’t stop pressing the elevator when I’m in a hurry.:rofl:

Why does Santa Claus come into the house through the chimney?

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Bqs this is a shortest way to warm up itself! :hotsprings:
At a movie theater (cinema) , which “Arm Rest” belong to you? Right? Left? Or Both?

Why does life sometimes deceive us, but we still have to love life?

Because Pushkin told us: Merry days will come,believe.
What dog jumps higher than the Eiffel Tower?

Any dog, because the Eiffel Tower can’t jump.
Why do I never get any presents from Santa Claus?

Namaste :pray::pray::pray:from India… And kem chho​:pray::pray::pray::pray: from gujarat

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