Aerbook Pro Printscreen

Has anyone been able to get Aerobook to perform a printscreen? I tried prtscr and Alt+prtscr with no success.


I"ll ask again, since there’s been no response.


You must press the PrtSc key that is at the top right next to the Delete key. The screenshot will be saved on the computer.

Windows 10: Where are the screenshots saved?
Enter the file explorer (just as if you were looking for a folder on your hard drive).
Click on My images.
Look for a folder called Screenshots. There you will find all the screenshots that you have made on your computer.

If you notice, in my original message I mentioned that I tried what you suggested. There is no “my images” folder in my Windows 10 system. There is a folder called “pictures” that has some screenshot files in it, but they are copies from an old system. There is no new screenshot file when I push the prtscr key anywhere on my system. This is unlike any other Windows 10 I have used. Please try to make a screenshot on your system and let me know what happens.


Try only PtrSc key whitout Alt.

I have tried it with my AeroBook with Windows 10 home and it has worked

The key combination Fn prtscr worked (for the whole page), Fn+Alt+prtscr (for the active window).

Ok, thanks for sharing