Android image for CW1526 HiBook Pro (HiB PQ64G)

Hi everyone,

My tablet is dual boot for Windows and Android but it boots Windows only.

How can I load Android on it and then boot Android only?

Thank you.

you tablet is Hibook or Hibook Pro¿ can you make a picture of the back?as it is quite old i need to check exactly

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Try this:

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Thank you for your reply.

It’s model is CW1526, HiB PQ64G45160600943

I download this Android image file but I don’t know how to upload it to my CHUWI.

@manonegra probably can help you because is an old model

I downloaded the Android image, but how can I upload it on my HiBook tablet?
Any help is welcome.

@ChuwiSpainSupport @manonegra222

Try these ones is explained here

Thank you for your response.
Those files do not contain esp.img due to my screenshot warning.
What should I do?

@manonegra222 how can i solve this?