HiB dual tablet with no OS

Hi @manonegra222

My tablet model is CW1526, HiB PQ64G45160600943.

There is no operating system on it and its 64GB memory is formatted completely.

How can I install just Android on it?

FYI, I read this tutorial already: ChuWi Hibook Pro dual system flash tutorial

At the BIOS flashing, I can not find the EFI folder on your flashing files, (As shown in your tutorial) and my tablet did not boot correctly for flashing the BIOS. Where can I find your complete files for flashing?

You can have here:

.My Files

These aren’t files fir the Hibook tablet, take care

The HiB tablet is Hibook, not Hi8


Here file gpt53: Microsoft OneDrive

Thank you for your helps.

Where I can download the official files for ROM containing gpt53?

Also, my HiB tablet does not have any OS (even Windows), How can I flash it to Android only?

I appreciate your support.

Sorry my bad… too many files everyday.

Do you want to have Android and Windows or just Android?

just Android. Thank you.

I’m Working, didn’t forget you

Check if these files are ok. I asked for them.