Reverting Hi10 Pro to factory defaults - how to do it?

I recently purchased a Chuwi Hi10 Pro tablet, with serial number Hi10 HQ64G42171104073 version CW1529.
In addition to the good screen resolution (FHD) and 4Gb of memory, which is very acceptable for such a device, I also considered the Android / Windows Dual boot to be an advantage.
This is truly a remarkable machine at an incredibly low price.
However, I noticed that the previous owner must have flashed the original BIOS deleting the Android partition and left only the Windows partition, with Windows 10 installed.
When the tablet is turned on we have the possibility to start with Android or Windows, but if we select Android, after a while we get a Windows blue screen, typical of a Windows startup with issues.
I intend to revert to the factory version, with the dual boot Android / Windows, and I would like to know what is the best way to do it, and which BIOS and Android and Windows versions should I download and from where.
Can you help, please?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards
Rui Antunes
Lisbon, Portugal

windows 1711XXX
ChuWi Hi10 Pro dual system flash tutorial
Don’t flash the bios, it is not necessary.

Hello !! Thank you so much for your fast response.
I tried to follow the Manual (I already had tried to do that but unsuccessfully) but I never did manage to see my tablet on pc to be able to flash it.
So I formatted an usb pen in NTFS, copied the Android files into it; connected the pen to the external attached keyboard and tried to reboot using F7; it allowed me to run from the pen but got stuck with DNX FASTBOOT MODE message on screen; clicked on volume + and - simultaneously, but no success; waited for around half an hour, and pressed the power button for some time to turn it off.
Then reformated the pen as FAT32, named it WINPE, copied the Android files into it again and tried the same procedure again, with the exactly same results.
So, again, I pressed the power on button for some time and it turned itself off.
But this time it won’t turn on, nor the light comes on again when plugged into wall charger.
Is it bricked? Any ideas on what could be happening and some way to solve this?
Thank you, any help would be appreciated.

On such tablets, an emergency shutdown (holding the power button) can damage the bios. Try holding the power button for 30 seconds, then quickly press the power button 3 times and try turning on the tablet.
You will not be able to flash android via usb stick.
The tablet connects to the computer for flashing only through the type-c connector (just in case).

It appears to have no effect at all.
Holding the power button for 30 seconds and pressing on it again 3 times… but I’m not sure if I did it correctly :frowning:
It looks like that can be something physical because its top corner light doesn’t turn on at all; and when it was working fine, it lighted a red light at the top corner when plugged into a wall socket, which doesn’t show any light now.
Could it be bricked? Is there a way to solve this?

You can try to disconnect the battery for a few minutes, if this does not help, then you will have to flash the bios with a programmer.

I’ll try to disassemble it and to disconnect the battery for a few minutes.
Since I have no tools to reprogram the BIOS, I’ll guess I’ll have to buy myself a new one.
Thank you so much anyway for all the help.

Anyone reading this thread, just a quick note on going back to dual boot:
In my opinion, not a good idea at all.
Unfortunately, since the tablet/laptop was released, Microsoft decided to turn Windows 10 into a SAAS.
As a result, W10 grew in size an awful lot.
So much so, that the 64GB internal storage is simply too small to hold both Android, and a fully up to date 2021 version of Windows.
Okay, to be precise it may just about fit, but you need extra space for Windows whenever they do a major version update to hold both the original and the updated version, which means you will always be struggling for space. This is why I had to get rid of Android.
So basically there are 3 options, all mean compromises.

  • Android only
  • Windows only
  • dual boot, but out of date Windows, but this is probably the worst out of the three.