Hi10Pro windows e android download

Good morning,
i have to reset my chuwii to dualboot initial settings.

So I’m looking for android and windows to install.

Model: CWI529
Hi10 HQ64G42171003375

Thank you

The serial number for HQ64G421711 Download:
Hi10 Pro Android (2017.11):

Hi10 Pro Windows(2017.11):

Grazie amico, per il bios hai qualcosa?

There are no update and you don’t need to flash it if tablet works correctly.

Ciao potete fornireil Bios per Hi 10 pro?


Thank you!wich is the extension of the file inside each folder? How can i use it? I think it contains the efi folder.

Each file contains a firmware file for different serial numbers. You need a programmer to flash it(example).
If you need a bios for flashing through a usb drive, write to service@chuwi.com

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Thank you fr your reply. Now I have an additional problem. I was able to install BIOS and Windws but not for android… If i flash it using the Intel tools fails during the download at 25 %, the chuwi startup and i have to select the mode (normal, recovery, …) but the flashing fail. I tried lso with an iso of Android on a usb drive but it doesn’t works. How can i solve it?

Make sure you connect tablet with a type-c cable.
Remove chinese characters from firmware folder name if they are present.
Try to reinstall drivers or try to flash on another PC.

Hey Biosham, Thanks for all the support you offer here, and believe you know the answer I have been seeking with the files you are providing on Mediafire. Although, my device is Hi10 HG64G42161202866 so will the updates you provide here take care of my limitations? Can not update W10 and Android to old for necessary apps. All for a fresh update and other dual boots suggestions anyone is operating successfully. Thanks for your time and efforts. May your holidays be filled with joy!

The files provided in this thread are not updates, they are just for other revisions of tablets with different hardware inside.
You can update windows through the update center, but android stopped receiving updates a few years ago because intel stopped supporting atom processors.
You can try installing 9 or 8 android but most likely some sensors (gyroscope for example) will not work on custom systems.

Thanks, Biosham! Bumper on the android. Any other Linux OS that works well with the HiPro10?

Probably Ubuntu 18.04.1 works well.