Chuwi Hi10 CWI515

I need help for my Tablet Chuwi Hi10 CWI515.
The tablet had a windows update and when it restarted windows went into blue screen mode. I tried to restart and now I can not log in windows nor as in android.
How can I solve this situation? I am getting worried.
NS: hi10 q64g42161204452

Thank you
This is the BIOS, you should install the BIOS

I made the recommendation that you indicated to update the bios. But it appears just like the picture. It’s normal?

Turn off by pressing the power button for a few seconds. Then, turn on the tablet and immediately press Esc intermittently until the bios comes out. Go to the Boot tab and in the priority boot line press enter and select Windows and press i. press Esc, wait for changes and exit the bios

I was able to install windows 10 again. But I need to know where I can get her drivers.
And how can i install android again?


Hi10 daul boot

Does anyone have any manuals explaining how to install android?


Install Intel Platform Flash Tool
open the Intel Platform Flash Tool, and follow these steps
Click the “Browse” button to select the Android firmware file
If you select the “flash.json” file, the Windows partitions will be deleted. After flashing Android, you must reinstall Windows again;
If you select “Flash-No-Erase-all.json”, Windows partitions will not be affected, but in the “Configuration” field, select “recover”
When “flash.json” or “Flash-No-Erase-all.json” is successfully selected, please turn the tablet off, then turn the tablet on and quickly press the volume button “+” then without releasing it press the “-” button. The tablet in the middle of the screen will show "DNX FastBoot MOOE…
Then connect the tablet to your computer.
When the tablet is connected click on “Start to flash” .
After the end of the flashing procedure the tablet should reboot, if it has not happened - reboot the tablet manually by pressing the power button for a few seconds.


Already managed to install android and everything is working.
Now on windows I have no drivers installed. I have no wifi, to boot windows update. How can I get around the situation?

Try to install these drivers

I try again and i have this. Options?

I think you doing something wrong :thinking: :man_shrugging: