CHUWI H10 Air Won't boot windows 10 or Android

Hi everyone. I need some help with my friend’s hi10 air tablet. (SERIAL: Q64G19043392) He bought the tablet but the guy told him he ONLY needs to install windows 10, so he brought it to me to try fix it. However, i noticed that the guy (or someone else) have installed Android on it as well, so when i power the tablet next thing happens: Chuwi logo and loading, atfer that there is option to boot android or windows 10, if i click volume up it tries to boot android only to get Blue screen of death saying Stop code: ACPI_BIOS_ERROR. If i try to boot windows 10, it says: Preparing automatic repair, and after some time it looks like it’s gonna boot windows, and just sits there loading with chuwi logo. So if you guys have any advice or tips for me to try, i would be grateful. thank you in advance.
here is photo when you turn on tablet and have to choose between android and windows. P.S i have used OTG dongle to try to boot into BIOS or anything else with keyboard but it won’t. I was holding F7, esc, delete but it doesn’t matter, the tablet will show dual boot window and you have to choose OS. I even made USB stick with windows 10 install on it from your forum, but no luck. the tablet won’t boot the usb.

You’re a bit stuck without being able to boot into bios, 'cuz you need to reset boot order in the bios for the usb to boot first. Anyone know the right key to press on startup? If you can get the usb to boot you’ll have no problem to re-install Win10, and maybe even Android too. Good luck.

But the problem is, it won’t let me boot at all, no matter what i press on keyboard. I found out that i can access android dnx fastboot mode if i press volume up and down together. And it let me connect tablet to pc so i can flash android with intel flasher. But since there was no android os for hi10 air i tried to flash hi10 pro ( i think it was that model since there was android os for it) but ended with fail ( good thing it didnt brick or anything) i just don’t know what to do. Can’t find a way to flash bios on it.

The BIOS screen appeared when I pressed ESC.
I’m having trouble finding recovery data.

OK after a long time i decided to make an update. So i bought CH341A programmer, and managed to erase bios chip, i wrote 1906 BIOS file on it, and it was successful. But after i turn on the tablet, instead of Android/windows dual OS selection screen, it boots into windows and starts automatic repair. It hangs on Attempting to repair for hours.I even left tablet overnight to see if its going to finish in the morning, but no luck. I tried to connect keyboard and USB drive with Windows 10 32 and 64 bit, but couldn’t boot into BIOS. I don’t understand, the chip was written correctly, but it still won’t let me into bios?

LAST UPDATE. I finally managed to start windows 10 setup. Turns out the OTG cable i used did not support enough power for keyboard to enter the bios. I bought new OTG cable along with USB 3.0 4port hub. And as soon as i plugged and pressed ESC, tablet let me into bios. Now i have plugged USB drive with windows 10 and installing it. I should’ve bought that thing in the first place, because i probbably would’ve never had to open and desolder the bios chip in the first place. Oh well, a bit of extra learning and knowledge won’t hurt. Anyway consider this FIXED.