Hi 10 Air does not boot

Hello, My hi 10 air does not boot. When I turn it on, CHUWI logo appears on screen and stills like that. I can enter bios. I also couldnt boot from USB flash drive. My laptop can boot with same flash, but chuwi hi 10 air does not boot. How can I fix it ?

Make sure you have a USB with UEFI boot. Try to reset the BIOS, try to flash the BIOS. If that doesn’t help, you might have a hardware failure (dead emmc).

There are two bios versions in the forum. 1903 and 1906. Which one should I use for flashing?

Use the correct one for your serial number.
You can find it on the back cover.

My serial starts with …G1810, So I used 1903 bios. I formatted USB Fash as fat32 and named WINPE, then copied bios contents inside flash. I choosed my flash with f7 and Chuwi did not boot.

It never boots. It does not boot with the flash I created with Windows Media Creation Tool.

Well, most likely you have dead emmc.

Thanks for the reply. I decided to use the lcd screen of this dead tablet, on an another project. How can I find lcd driver board for this tablet ?
TV101WUM-NH1 this is written on LCD panel.

Probably you need mipi dsi → lvds bridge (because of the mipi display interface) and lvds scaler. But I have never done this, so I can not suggest anything.

I would recommend contacting the service center. Maybe there is a problem with the RAM. It is more convenient and more productive to check it on special equipment.