Chuwi Hi 10 Air not booting up brand new

I have submitted a ticket for this twice but have not gotten a reply yet, so I’ll start here.

I took my chuwi hi 10 out of the box and started initial boot, but half way through I realized I didnt have a working phone number to finish it, so shut her off. When I got a working phone number I tried again but the device would not boot or get passed the spinning circle screen. I tried all built in self repairs, and I tried resetting, but still to no prevail. I can get it into the boot menu using the on/off x3 method, but it would seem nothing in there can help me, but perhaps still boot commands.

Does anybody have any help to offer getting my device to boot up and running? Would much appreciate, lets go. Thanks.

Try to reinstall windows

What am I supposed to do with this on no boot, also it is locked with a password I don’t recollect putting. What do I read? Thank you for responding.

Just format usb drive and copy windows setup files on it. On boot press f7, then in boot menu choose your usb drive and wait for the end of installing.

Oh good thanks. Do I need the RS4 or the RS6

Rs4 and rs6 it is windows build (redstone 4/6), you can choose any of them.

Also, there is tutorial