My Chuwi Hi10 Air stopped working. How do you get it back working?

My Chuwi Hi10 Air (Q64G19013083) stopped working . It powers up and displays Chuwi logo. After that, nothing happens; does not load Windows 10. How do you get it back working?

Try to restore windows:

  1. On a working PC, go to the Microsoft software download website.
  2. Download the Windows 10 media creation tool and then run it.
  3. Select Create installation media for another PC .
  4. Choose a language, edition, and architecture (64-bit or 32-bit).
  5. Follow the steps to create installation media, and then select Finish .
  6. Connect the installation media you created to your nonfunctional PC, and then turn it on.
  7. On the initial setup screen, enter your language and other preferences, and then select Next .
  8. Select Repair your computer .
  9. On the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot . From there, you can:
  • Restore from a system restore point by selecting Advanced options > System Restore . This will remove recently installed apps, drivers, and updates that might be causing your PC problems. Restoring from a restore point won’t affect your personal files.

I created Installation Media per your instructions above on a 32 GB USB flash drive and put it in a USB port in my Chuwi Hi10 Air (Q64G19013083) and powered it up. The Chuwi powers up displaying the Chuwi logo. But, nothing else happens except the display of the Chuwi logo. (The steps 7, 8, and 9 in your instructions does not appear)

What makes the steps 7, 8, 9 not appear, in this case? Is there anything else I have to do after step 6 in your instructions? Do I have to press F7 repeatedly when the Chuwi Hi10 is turning on? Please let me know

Your help is very much appreciated in this matter.

every tried press esc key? repentantly
Can you send images for the moment

You need to hold F7 to enter in boot menu or Esc to enter in bios.

After connecting Installation Media in the USB port and turning on my disabled Chuwi Hi10 Air, I pressed F7 and it goes to Boot Menu.

Then, what should be done? Let me know the steps to take to make the Chuwi Hi10 Air working.

Your help here is much appreciated.

You need to choose your usb drive. If after choosing usb you have a black screen, then perhaps your internal storage is faulty.

After connecting Installation Media in the USB port and turning on my disabled Chuwi Hi10 Air, I pressed F7 and it went to Boot Menu.

Then, I selected the USB flash drive. But nothing happens; the screen goes blank and it stays like that.

What else can be done to get the Chuwi Hi10 Air (Q64G19013083) working again?

You probably can’t do anything else without some kind of repair \ diagnostic tools.
Try writing to