BIOS for Hi10 HiBook Q64G45160400594 Model:CWI514

Could you please help to find BIOS for Hi10 HiBook Q64G45160400594 Model:CWI514?
BIOS wasn’t updated till 2016
And what is correct name of the device?

This bios have no win key and serial number. If you need original key contact

I have problem with power management system: the unit shutting down if unplug. Does the updated BIOS solve the problem?

More likely no than yes.

There is some letters: fs4:> after BIOS updating by flash drive on the screen. What need to do next?

Try to change in boot orter from uefi shell to windows boot manager.

How can I reboot system

Hold power button until the tablet turns off.

It helps.
The BIOS version which link you sent solved problem with NG working without plug in device.
Thank you!