Chuwi Hi12 random shutdown

Hello, it’s been a while since I got this tablet/laptop. The problem is whenever im using it without Ac power input, the tablet shut downs within a few minutes, it can be at any battery level, 85, 73, etc and it shutdowns. My model is the cwi520 (Q64G45160502019). Is there any bios I can flash?

Got the same problem, but to me the problem seems the battery, even if this showed almost full before the shutdown, since it can’t restart anymore after those shutdowns, indicates empty battery. Needs to be recharged first. Charging takes very long and is in second long intervals. Could be dead cells in the battery. Ordered an original size battery for about $25 w/ shipping from Aliexpress. 2 soldering points:

That’s not the case for me. Mine can indeed restart but reboots after a short period of time. I’m pretty sure it is a bios and not a battery problem. I need help with some bios I could flash. I don’t wanna throw to garbage this tablet i bought

Hi StarMember,

my new battery hasn’t arrived, yet, so I tried to get it to improve a little.

I used to get this shutdown quite fast, just about 5 - 10 minutes of operation watching internet TV.

Now I let the Chuwi drain the battery slowly, just kept it on without heavy load for 2 - 3 days. Then recharge. That way the battery improved, it takes about 30 minutes of watching internet TV now before the sudden shutdown. Before the shutdown occurred at about 70 - 85 % of the battery level. Now it keeps working until about 50 % before it shuts down at heavy load.

It might have to do with the BIOS, where a certain point is set for the shutdown to protect the battery from getting drained to much. Inverters sometimes do have the same problem. But there that point for shutdown can be just reset by a way of stimulating. My theory is, that must be possible with the Chuwi’s problem as well.

Mine now keeps improving slowly, but it’s a lot of work; it’s a drag having to invest so much care. But flashing a BIOS can be quite dangerous, if you don’t have the proper data for that. I try other ways first, and there seems to be success.



Resetting the protective shutdown point is usually done by starting a recharge from that point where it should shut down to protect the battery. For that the battery needs to be drained to almost 0% first. Problem is that the Chuwi shuts down before that point at normal operation now. To get to the correct point, the battery needs to be drained slowly with very little load. Otherwise it will shut down before.

I had it operating like that at little load until the battery went down to 15%. Then it showed red bars on top and bottom of the screen, and a moment later shut down. I assume 15% is the correct shutdown point. I waited a while and put it on the charger. The charging current was now about 920 mA. Before it was about 400 mA and never went over 600 mA. It should take about 12 - 15 hours for a full charge now - and hopefully already then works correct again. If not, the whole procedure needs to be repeated a couple of times.

Still the battery needs to be replaced at some point, it cannot work forever.

The battery took up about 3,200 mAh before it stopped charging, about 1/3 of its nominal capacity.

When turned on again it indicated the battery as 98% full. Operation seems to be normal again, watched about 45 minutes internet TV before I got bored by the program and turned it off. It seems to work normal again so far. It can be restarted right away and the battery shows still 90% charge.

P. S. Funny, just hours after I called the battery working ok again, the new one arrived. It had taken 24 days since I had ordered it.

Now I gotta hope the Chuwi itself lasts as long as the old battery takes to get down to needing replacement. It’s working fine now. After my morning internet TV of about 45 minutes which took the battery level to 90% I listened for about two hours - over headphones for good sound experience to, a HiRes internet radio station. Now the battery is down to 64% without any sign of wanting to shut down prematurely.

Well, its a shame. I see I have no choice more than getting a battery replacemente but since those come only from china and my region has a restriction when we talk about import. So probably I would get a new battery in a couple of months. I get it that I cant flash any bios since its very risky. Well, thanks for letting me know your experience.