Chuwi Hi10x boot problem

Good Day,

I got myself a chuwi hi10x only the tablet.
Once i set up the tablet, i’ve been using it until its fully charged and i shut down the tablet. Now i cant turn it back on.
It gets to the CHUWI logo and shutdown again and this repeats as I continuously press the on button with or without the power cord on.
Seems like a software problem/bootloop. Any suggestions to fix this?
Any method to factory reset the tablet?

Thank you.

Try setting your bios, or reset bios first


i had a running Xi10X with windows 10.
After conneting a USB-C data stick (brand new) it crashed and cannot turn on.
I see the green LED while charging and I see the red LED for 1-2 seconds…

No chance to get into a bios or any other starting options…

The same problem but not because of USB data just the LEDs blinking behaviour and not able to see the bios or boot. Even not back light at the LCD screen. I have contacted the customer service and after they asked me to give then the serial number, silence not a word from them. Shame to Chuwi I will never buy from them . After just one year the tabled is useless. No service no refund no answers just nothing.

Same problem at model hi10xr.

And how it happend? Simply after full discharge.

  • customer service after asking about model = no response.

Also for me. This brand is dead. No more buying from them.

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