Chuwi Hi10x boot problem

Good Day,

I got myself a chuwi hi10x only the tablet.
Once i set up the tablet, i’ve been using it until its fully charged and i shut down the tablet. Now i cant turn it back on.
It gets to the CHUWI logo and shutdown again and this repeats as I continuously press the on button with or without the power cord on.
Seems like a software problem/bootloop. Any suggestions to fix this?
Any method to factory reset the tablet?

Thank you.

Try setting your bios, or reset bios first


i had a running Xi10X with windows 10.
After conneting a USB-C data stick (brand new) it crashed and cannot turn on.
I see the green LED while charging and I see the red LED for 1-2 seconds…

No chance to get into a bios or any other starting options…