Chuwi Hi 10 Go (N5100) on pwr on, just black screen and blinking leds

I receive the product yesterday.

But I’m in trouble since them. It doesn’t turn on.

I follow the procedure described on manual but it doesn’t turn on.

I went to faq and double check the first three instructions present on FAQ-Chuwi - Chuwi Official -Laptop, Android/Windows Tablet PC,Mini PC

Here, I recorded in a few seconds, what is happening:

I already contact and they promptly offer me a DHL return shipping label in this week but I consider my skills enough to perform some procedure to try wake up the HW.

Please, help me to solve the turning on issue.

I hope do not have to exchange my Hi 10 Go. I already liked it a lot.

Her is some pictures of it.

Thank you

Hello, the problem of the machine cannot be viewed on the picture. Does the platform agree to exchange the machine for you? Thank you

Yes, they did, but I asked permission to try this procedure: Hi10 Go drivers - #15 by parphane before send it back to Chuwi.
It will reboot the system into the factory test mode, after that I can chose a ´Cleanup´ option and restart the OS.
To see the tablet problem, try to watch the vídeo I recorded. It´s available on

Please, tell me if I on the right path to solve it.

Thank you very much for your reply and attention.

Hi, I forgot to inform the model.
It´s a CHUWI Hi 10 GO CWI513 (CWI513 It was used before on a Hi8 model also.:man_shrugging:t4:)
JHi 10GEW1H211102318, which according [Other] How to find serial number and type of Chuwi tablet stands for:

  • JHi 10G : Hi10 Go (type);
  • EW1H :man_shrugging:t4: ;
  • 21 11 02318 : 21 is 2021 (Year); 11 is November (Month); 02318 is only No;

I thought which to solve the issue here would be the better solution for both, Chuwi and me.
Despite your silence, I saw I was wrong.
I tried a lot of times repeat the blind setup configuration to achieve bios recovery but without some assistance it seems impossible.
No proper bios image to my tablet available.
No information from service regarding how to execute the recovery procedure.
A lot of complains on this and other forums about this tablet problems.
I think which some improper bios setup configurations which lead the tablet to fail should be masked. Why Chuwi don´t mask it?
I will send it back to Chuwi and I´m really start thinking to ask refund instead of exchange…

Nothing from yet.
I´ll try

Just to update last days on this endevior.
Chuwi give me no support to execute the BIOS reset. Initially they offer me a HDL label to send it back. When I accepted, they told me which do not succeed with the label generation for “unknown error”. They ask me to send it back for myself and give-me some constraints about the shipment compnies I could use. They select the most expansive. One of them UPS it would cost me U$186.
They didn´t sent me the RMA(Retunr merchandasing autorization) to clear it from customs in case of exchange the product or returning after fix. I give up from Chuwi, i will send it back through a shipment company of my choose and try to recover all my money from paypal.
Unfortunatelly, Chuwi doesn´t mind with their clients. They just care with marketing and earn money. I wonder if the “unknown error” woudn´t be cost. I wonder also if they don´t send the fail product to distant clients since the low probability the client could send it back.
Based on my anoying, disapointing and boring experience during last week, I advise all clients with problems on their equipment to do the same, give up from Chuwi. Don´t spend your time trying to solve the problem. They don´t care.

Just to testify they don´t care, today I received the following reply from about the bios.
" Hello, after I went to check, there is no bios for the time being."

Hello ,
I had the same problem CHUWI Hi 10 GO CWI513 Tablet .
I somehow managed to brick my bios too, and i’ve tried everything i can find in the internet to fix it,but without success.

By chance, however, I resest the bios by unplugging the charger from the top slot at the right time

The tablet then started normally as if nothing had happened.

I don’t know when the right moment is to unplugg the charger and i don’t really want to test it…

I hope someone will find out exactly how to do it, but you can reset the BIOS on this tablet.

Hopefully I could help someone with this ,because I couldn’t find anything on the internet that worked for me.

Hi Thor.
Thank you very much for your post here on the Forum.
Before you had it blicked, did it worked properly?
When you turned it on first time, do something appeared on the screen?
In my case, the tablet screen never worked at all.
But I’ll try what you suggested next time I assemble it.
If you visit this post Chuwi Hi10 GO Megathread (W10/11) - #8 by FabioRPereira , you will see how disassembled it is right now.

Yes, the tablet worked completely normally before I bricked it in the BIOS settings.
I even upgraded to Widows 11 with no problems.
After it was bricked, the screen was permanently black.
When I pressed the power button for 3 seconds the blue led came on, after 15 seconds it started blinking and then off again.

Somewhere in this window of time or after, I performed the BIOS reset by unplugging the power cord.

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Some updates on this problem? It happen to me today and I can’t bring him back to life…

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Unfortunately, I gave up.
I tried to solve it by myself but there are near 30 SMD ICs on the board to look for the failing one.
I think they sold products not tested and with firmware uncomplete.
I got the money back from paypal and lost the taxes I paid.

Bether look for you, João.

Thanks for your feedback, Fabio. I will wait to see what they will decide to do in my case and I can put here their input…

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Hi again Fabio, I was able to give a second life to mine. With what I was reading on the forum about the bad support from Chuwi, I said, fuck it, I’m gonna open it and see what I can do. For me was simple as disconnect the battery connector, hold the power button for 30 seconds to drain the energy, connect again the battery connector and wait like 1 minute for the tablet be able to reset.
I hope this help you or anyone with the same issue.

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Hi Fabio and UedaPT, it happen to mine too.
@UedaPT, any tips or advice on how to open it up and drain the battery?

Hi detool, I advice you to get some phone repair kit. You will need to make some force to be able to put the opening tool between the back case and the front frame but watch out to not break the screen. And don’t drain the battery, what I said was for draining the energy of the system after disconnecting the battery.

But if you aren’t comfortable to do that procedure, Chuwi will give you the option to send your device to someone to repair.

Hi UedaPT, thank you for your reply and explanation. I will give it a go first while waiting for Chuwi to get back to my email.