CHUWI Hi10 Pro (CWI529 - PQ64G42160803003) does not start and the display remains off

It was certainly my mistake because I canceled the two operating systems.

I tried to install Windows 10 using a USB stick via the BIOS, but now the tablet is practically dead (I think it went brick).

How could I solve this problem? I tried to hold the power button for 30 seconds and then quickly press it 3 times to try to turn it on, but it didn’t work.

If you canceled all the systems it will not be able to boot, but it will be able to turn on. Can you check if the screen turns on even if it stays black? Check this in a dark room. If it turns on, you can reinstall the systems.
If it doesn’t turn on, put the charger on first and wait at least 24/48 hours in case the battery is exhausted

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The battery should be charged, but I will still try to leave the tablet connected to the power supply for 24/48 hours.


I started the installation via USB stick, but as soon as it starts it crashes saying that there are no drivers needed to install Windows 10 on the computer.

But has it already turned on?

I turn on the tablet and click on f7 to start the installation via USB stick.

Yes, USB connected, F7 intermittently, select USB as boot media, install Windows, Custom install

On the screen that asks where you want to install Windows, you must delete any partition that appears and not create one, since you must select the resulting unallocated space as the installation destination

The option for custom installation does not appear. Do I have to click on any button (f10 for example)?

You have to use Windows 10 Home multilanguage

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Thanks for the help, but I finally found out what the problem was.

In practice, the USB stick was recognized at startup and started the installation, but then it disconnected, so before clicking on install I removed and inserted the USB stick again and the installation of Windows 10 was completed without any other problems (obviously then I installed all the drivers manually and I blocked the automatic driver update to avoid the problem with the touch that was not working after the update of the connected driver by Windows update).

Thanks again for your attention.

Best regards!

Hi, I have a Chuwi HI10 Pro, after a windows 10 update the tablet does not turn on and the screen remains black.
when connected to the power outlet, the charging light came on, then started to flash for a few seconds, and it went out permanently.
since then the tablet has never been turned on again.
I tried to run the various sequences to turn it back on, but it didn’t work.
I contacted customer service, but they only told me to do the usual sequences (on / of button and volume +).
unfortunately the tablet went out of warranty a week before it stopped working.
I kindly ask you if anyone can help me solve the problem.
thank you and good evening

Have you made your attempts to turn on with the keyboard on? Try everything again without the keyboard

my tablet is without the keyboard, I tried with the selection of the sti power before and power more volume + after.
now it is charging, but the red light of the charge is off, also I also tried to change the charger and cable with another but nothing changes.
it seems that the battery does not charge, both the tablet and the charger do not heat up.


I think that if the charger light does not come on when connected, that the tablet has a lock and you must find a way to fix it. I had a Hi10Pro that on one occasion had the same effect and I recovered it by pressing, with the charger on and at the same time the power and volume buttons less. I was pressing for over a minute and it turned on in dnx mode, I just had to turn it off again and turn it on again to get everything working again

I feel like you wrote me
in the meantime, thank you

I tried as you recommended but the tablet does not turn on.
I tried with the tablet connected to the charger that without charger, but nothing happens.
I left the tablet on charge all night, but a strange thing that seems to have not charged, because both the tablet and the charger were cold. (usually when it was under charge it would heat up)

thank you