Hi10x Wont even turn on!

hi i just purchase the HI10x tablet only tablet and sorry i dont know all the functions but it never turns on i connect to charger it goes green and disconnect charger had it left all night rechecked pushed the power button and just blinks on red dot and thats it! when i have it charge same thing it goes solid green then i hold power button for a while green disappears then red light blink once and gone. never see a boot or start up is there something i dont know or faulty item so i can return today. already bought the keyboard coming in two weeks…

I have the Same problem. I Have read numerous articles and remedies from The internet and None of the solutions I have read about have worked. I tried contacting Chuwi And I have gotten no response. I’m extremely mad Because I just bought the damn thing And It seems it was a waste of $300. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I too have a Hi10XR I bought mine last November and it has never turned on and yes I contacted support.
They sent me a download link to try to reinstall Windows but I cannot get this to work.
I have been told now that I can ship it to Spain for them to look at it but like you I bought this brand new and do not expect that I now need to pay to have the tablet shipped to Spain for repairs!!!
I sent Chuwi an E-mail last night.
Hoping for a better response.

In the meantime does anyone now how I could try to repair the Windows installation.

Thank you

Ps I have had a Chuwi tablet for 5 years with no issues, that’s why I bought a newer faster better version, no just disappointed :frowning: