Chuwi Hi10 Plus doesn`t turn on

I have a official version Chuwi Hi10 Plus Dual Os 4G/64G tablet that turned off while using Windows 10, started charging all night until the led remained solid, the charger was disconnected and the led began to flash again and did not start. After leaving the power button pressed for about 2 minutes, the LED went off but the tablet has not started again, I have checked all key combinations that I have been able to consult in forums on this model to start it in some way but none have had effect.

I have verified that the charger is in good condition and that the battery has a charge and offers the correct voltage, also that when pressing the power button to try to start it, there is a sound below the buttons as if trying to pass current but never comes to start and with the keyboard connected the LEDs blink every so often.

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It is a topic reported on other occasions and with multiple causes that will have to be ruled out one by one.
You have already done a good review removing some of the possibilities like battery and charger.
Sometimes the keyboard itself is the one that has prevented the tablet from turning on, turning it on when disconnecting it from the dock.
The next checks are the power button and the Bios.
The first is hardware and to check it you would have to open the tablet and put the poles of the switch together.
The second is to reprogram the Bios using an external programmer. There is a tutorial in the forum and you will need some accessories.

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Thanks for early answer, about reprogramming the BIOS I am not very sure because it was working without problem and Windows had not been updated, and about put the poles of the switch together I understand that it would be if I did nothing and if I connect it to the keyboard to press the power their leds shine.

As I understood in your comments, the tablet does not turn on at all, the screen does not turn on even in black

Admittedly, the tablet doesn’t turn on at all, the screen doesn’t even turn black, but it’s getting voltage and hasn’t been updated to have to reprogram the BIOS, unless pressing the power button for almost 2 minutes has reset the BIOS, Could this have happened?

The instructions to restart the Bios are as follows:

  1. Press the power button for 30 seconds and release
  2. Press the power button three times at half-second intervals
  3. Put the charger and try to turn on.

Try this in case it was successful

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But even if it has been reset it should start even if it was in recovery mode, right?

The important thing is that it turns on, it does not matter if it enters recovery mode since, if it manages to turn it on, we can repair it with an external pendrive

It does not turn on, there is an intermittent and continuous sound as if the voltage is cut and the keyboard LEDs blink.

Reviewing the different forum threads, I’m not sure what the download link would be for the Chuwi Hi10 Plus CWI527 LQ64G421803XXXXX BIOS.

Unplug it from the keyboard and never shut it down while plugged into the keyboard again! This has been a known issue since these things came out.
I thought I bricked mine when it happened to me! Just always remember to take it off the keyboard when you shut it down until the LED begins fast blinking again while plugged into the charger and then you can reconnect it to the keyboard. Just remember to always remove it before powering down.

To get it restarted now, get it off the keyboard and charge it for a while -hours to overnight until you get a solid power LED, then try the 20 second long press on the power switch, with it off the keyboard base, and then immediately try 3 presses at about 1/2 second interval and see what happens. Try it plugged into power and unplugged both.

As far as I know, this is a situation that has been around with these units when connected to the physical keyboard dock since the very beginning. I think I had it happen twice way back when I bought it around 2015 and didn’t know it was an issue, and then forgot another time. What seems to happen is that it looks like it shut down, but somehow powers back up and runs the battery down to nothing while connected to the dock. As I recall I had to plug mine in and let it charge a couple hours until I hit on the correct power button reset combo. The 20 second long press apparently guarantees it’s fully shut off. I guess the three clicks get it going again,. No idea why it takes three rather than just a single press, unless that is an internal reset for the electronic switch/battery management chip used in these devices. All I can think of, really.

Let us know if this works for you, but get it off the dock to get it turned back on and don’t EVER shut it off while connected to the keyboard dock in future. You can reconnect it to the dock once the LED has started fast flashing to Indicate it has shut down completely and is now fast charging if you leave it plugged in. Otherwise, give it at least thirty seconds after the screen goes off before reconnecting to the keyboard/dock and folding it closed. I think it only happens if you shut it down while connected, but can’t recall if it was an issue if you just closed the tablet on the keyboard to get it to go into sleep mode. Once you figure out how to reset it again from what I’ve written you can try it if you like, I just avoid it completely!

BEST OF LUCK! Please let us know if this gets it going for you. It has worked both times it happened to me.

Thanks for the answer, but what you comment I have already read in other forums and open topics and I have already verified it, the question is that the LED does not light even with the charger connected. When trying to turn on the tablet, the only LEDs that flash intermittently are those of the keyboard if it is connected, and there is also a flashing sound as if trying to get power, but nothing else.

If pressing the power button for 2 minutes could have reset the BIOS and this is the problem, I would like to know what would be the download link for the Chuwi Hi10 Plus CWI527 LQ64G421803XXXXX BIOS.

No había dado ningún problema hasta el momento, utilizándose bajo Windows 10 mostró el aviso de batería baja y tras conectarse el cargador después de un rato se apagó. Se dejó con el cargador conectado cargándose toda la noche pero al desenchufar el cargador el led comenzó a parpadear nuevamente y no se inició. Después de dejar presionado el botón de encendido durante aproximadamente 2 minutos, el LED se apagó pero ni la tableta ni el Led volvieron a encenderse. He verificado todas las combinaciones de teclas que he podido consultar en foros sobre este modelo para iniciarla de alguna manera, pero ninguna tuvo efecto.

He verificado que el cargador está en buenas condiciones y que la batería ofrece el voltaje correcto, al presionar el botón de encendido para intentar encenderla también se aprecia un sonido muy bajito por la zona de debajo de los botones como si intentara pasar corriente pero en ningún momento el led de la tablet se ilumina, pero si se conecta al teclado los LED de este si parpadean de vez en cuando.

Me gustaría saber si puede tener solución este problema o algún servicio técnico con el ponerme en contacto.


La solución puede pasar por desconectar la batería durante unos 15 minutos y volverla a conectar. La Bios volverá a los valores iniciales.
En caso de tener los medios para reprogramarla, debes solicitar los ficheros a