[Other] How to find serial number and type of Chuwi tablet

How to find serial number and type of Chuwi tablet

If you buy a Chuwi tablet or lapbook, you should know some basic informations about Chuwi tablet. Especially when your tablet has some problems, serial number and model will be asked by Chuwi.

But how to find these information? You can find it at the back of Chuwi tablet (lapbook).
Now let us take Hi8 pro serial number as an example, as shown above:

Hi8 PQ32G22161209363

  • Hi8 P : Hi8 pro (type); ( it isn’t different Model:CWI513, we usually don’t use this model(CWI513) for reference. )
  • 32G : 32G eMMC;
  • 16 12 09363 : 16 is 2016 (Year); 12 is December (Month); 09363 is only No;

So we know it is Hi8 Pro tablet with 32G, and made in December, 2016 after seeing serial number of tablet.

If you have any other problem, please leave a message or email to service@chuwi.com .

What is the difference between version numbers

  • Hi10 Pro PQ
  • Hi10 Pro HQ

And does the Q or the 22 after the G mean anything?

Hi10 Pro PQ
Hi10 Pro HQ
There is no difference between these two versions. P and H both represent pro, but one is the former nomenclature and the other is the later one.