Chuwi Hi8 Restore Android

Hello to everyone. I have a Chuwi Hi8 / Hi8 Pro model tablet. Frankly, I don’t know exactly which model it is. Because it says hi8 on the back of the tablet computer, but it works with hi8 pro drivers. Serial number: Hi8 PQ32G22170903185. The tablet ran out of charge while updating the Windows version. I managed to reinstall Windows after 1 week of efforts. But I had to delete the android due to an error while installing it. Now I cannot reinstall Android. Because the device only has Windows Partition. While installing Android, I get “failed to get partition: bootloader2” error in EFI writing section. Windows 2004 version is installed now. Can you help me set up Android again? Thanks in advance, have a nice day.

UP Need restore tablet at Manufacture in french =)

i need usb restore plz