Stuck on the bootup screen

Beautiful Evening Admin, my chuwi Hi10X type cw1529 stuck on screen and refuse to boot to window after I did some settings on BIOS, it show CHUWI under it it show, please how can I fix it

If you can return to the BIOS screen when it boots (keep tapping escape), you can try to load default settings, then save & exit. See if windows will boot after that.

If it still won’t boot, you’ll need to make a windows 10 USB install drive on another PC and re-install windows.

Try press and hold power+vol up button, until red led lights up . Tablet must be in powered off state first.
Or you can try reset bios to default. Enter bios setup , press F3 and enter
, press F4 and enter .

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Good evening . The Hi10x refuse to enter BIOS setup thats the problem once it turn on it stay showing CHUWI on screen stuck, once u press the power button it goes off

If you can’t enter the BIOS, then I think you may be stuck. Unless there’s a way of clearing the settings by unplugging the battery, or a jumper on the motherboard? There’s a picture in this forum somewhere of the motherboard of the HI10 XR, maybe that could provide an answer. I think it was @Biosham who has experience with taking these things apart?

I hope you get it sorted. :slight_smile:

I try the link thus I saw some software but could not download them. It say they are deleted or move from the forum

You need to register first before you can download files from 4pda forum . You can try to reflash bios from bootable usb drive.

ok thank you very much. let me register

i try to register but the captcha words are not in English. please help register with this details
login wonderfullman
passcode u send to me please

I cannot read Russian too , forgot how i was able to register there. Maybe try register using 4pda android app ,

I think there’s a guide on how to register for non -Russian speaking people.

Have you tried using USB keyboard , with OTG or hub?
Connect usb keyboard to the data only port.
Connect charger to the charge port.
Press/hold Del key , then power button until the led blinks off and on .
Then repeatedly press the Del key.
Hope this will get you into the Bios setup.

i have chuwi Hi10x cw1529 window10. i did some settings on the bios now it refuse to bootup, it only show CHUWI under it

, keyboard no longer work and USB port

As it was found out, most of the functions in the BIOS are stored in NVRAM memory and to reset the settings, you need to reflash the BIOS (using the programmer, if the usb devices can’t be detected), no combinations were found for resetting the BIOS.
If you are lucky and the settings that you changed are stored in CMOS, then try disconnecting the battery for 5-10 minutes, or discharge the tablet completely and let it lie off for ~ a day.

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Ok I will disconnect the battery and let it lay for days. Cause I have try all I can even download all sort of software’s

Beautiful evening guys. The system remain the same and refuse to work

Most likely the only solution to the problem is to flash the bios with a programmer

Beautiful morning. Yes but I don’t no how to go about it. Any instructions on how to flash the bios

You will need a working PC, programmer + 1.8v adapter + adapter for flashing without unsoldering, a soldering iron if the adapter does not cope with its task.
The flashing is the same as for other Chuwi tablets, you will also need a suitable bios file.
Original bios has windows key, so it’s better to read the firmware before reflashing.

BIOS chip location

Or just take your tablet to any local service center.

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Thank you I honestly appreciate your effort. I will get back to you

No one has been able to fix it