Hi12 shutdown inexpectidly

Hi everyone,

I would like some help with a problem on my chuwi hi12 tablet.

I’m using it mainly to read with perfect viewer on android.

I’ve already changed the battery following my problem + updated the BIOS with the version that fixes the wifi and also the unexpected shutdowns.

But that’s exactly my problem, the tablet stops unexpectedly for no reason, and then I have to connect it to the charger to start it up again.

I checked whether there was a power consumption peak before the shutdown: no
it’s overheating: no
nothing conclusive in the logcat, or maybe it’s not the right log

if the tablet is plugged in, no problem
if the tablet is unplugged, screen off, no problem overnight for example
it can happen after a few minutes of use or just after unlocking
sometimes if I leave the screen on while recharging, it’s fine for a few hours then as soon as I use it, launch an app or settings: it crashes immediately

I tested with different roms:
the basic Chinese rom: idem
a basic rom without the Chinese apps: idem
with remixOS: same
with windows 10 : idem

I’d also like to take this opportunity to say that I can no longer install Windows 10, when I boot onto the key, I’m left with the blue screen of the winpe and nothing happens:
test with 3 different keys
windows 10 with the script from the techtablette site: idem
windows 10 Microsoft image: same
the key is named WINPE

Thank you for your help