Chuwi hi8 pro problem

the tablet turns off when installing windows, even when the power is connected, before that it worked fine chuwi hi8 pro 32G221605092131. When a keyboard or any other device is connected, it turns off, or simply does not work with them, now it has stopped turning on at all, only sometimes it is possible to enter the BIOS, it is impossible to install Windows because it turns off everything.

I think the problem is 100 of the battery that is dead. Even if you connect the charger, the charging rate is slower than the occasional consumption during installation and, if the battery is at minimum and without the possibility of being charged, the tablet will turn off.
You must change the battery to try to make it work

I ordered the battery from aliexpress. But is this even possible? Recently everything was fine and as soon as I decided to reinstall , problems started. It doesn’t even help to plug in the charger while installing, works for a while then shuts down, shows charge, well, the light blinks like when charging.

I install Windows and connect the charger at the same time, everything goes fine for a few minutes, but then everything goes out, even the LED. But the battery itself seems to be charging, judging by the LED, even shows when it is fully charged