HI10 - Is it mine or do others just

Switch themselves off for no apparent reason?

It’s getting annoying now, every time it does something that (I’m guessing) uses a lot of power from the battery it just goes off, screen goes blank like unpluging a desktop PC. Is mine the only one that does this? I have to use it plugged in which isn’t always convenient so for portable use I have to use a battery bank, then it seems alright but kinda misses the point. I’ve been using it at work recently but with all the trailing wires it’s not easy to use while carrying it around.

So is it just mine that does this? It is an older model CW1515 but it shouldn’t just cut out without external power connected.

This is most often due to a bad battery and a replacement will fix the problem.

OK, but that’s not something I can fix myself, unfortunately. Looks like I got a bad’un from the off then, as it’s always done it from new. I won’t be buying another one though, but at least it was cheap at the time (£80/$100).

What I should’ve mentioned (and didn’t, sorry) was that it only shuts off when in Windows 10, it works fine when booted to Android (which isn’t very often) and happily plays games for a couple of hours on the battery. Could this be a Win10 driver issue I wonder?

I have the same symptom of just randomly shutting off when using Windows (not with Android). I assume it may be Windows and power management along with an older battery (I’ve had my tablet for about 2-3 years). When plugged in it is fine. Living with it until someone finds a fix.

Windows consumes more power and it happens spontaneously due to various services launched by the system.
If you see something like “Unexpected Shutdown” in the event viewer, then the problem is 99% in the battery.

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Event viewer? Where would I look in that? I found it but didn’t know where to look for that info. And would it write when it goes off? It just goes off then I have to re-start.

So how about a fix? How or what does Windows do to use the sudden extra power? Is it CPU? I believe they run at variable rates, could that be limited somehow? Throttled back so it didn’t get ‘thrashed’ for example. Surely there’s something that can be fiddled with or fettled to make this nice little useful computer more reliable. I live in hope :slight_smile:

windows logs → system
You will see red circles with description of error, they should appear even if you disconnect the battery while windows is running.

You can try to reduce the minimum and maximum processor state, also you can disable telemetry with updates (it will be difficult if you are using windows 10 home).

I already know what the error is, it just switched itself off, I’m there when it does it, but I don’t know why or how. The error logs don’t tell me anything meaningful I’m afraid, and there’s thousands of entries so it’s a case of TL:DR tbh, I don’t have the time to sift through it, plus I don’t know what I’m looking for if I find it.

A simple fix would be good, change of settings, reg hack, file swap, I’m not fussy, I just want it to work like it’s supposed to. If I’d had this from a main dealer I’d return it as faulty and ask for a refund or replacement (as allowed for in our consumer law) but I don’t have that option so hopefully some knowledgeable person can get an idea to try. It’s a bit of a disappointment being like this, that’s all. A good bit of kit spoilt by a silly fault.

So how can I alter the cpu power usage? I’ve compared my desktop PC with my Chuwi HI10 and the power options are different. The HI10 only has the ‘Balanced [Active]’ option selectable, and the cpu power percentage isn’t shown, only different levels whatever they are. I’ve tried various different level settings and none make any difference to cpu speed, it runs at 100% regardless. Pic attached of power setting panels.

Run regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\PowerSettings\54533251-82be-4824-96c1-47b60b740d00\bc5038f7-23e0-4960-96da-33abaf5935ec
Create new DWORD 32, name it Attributes, set value 2 (if you already have this argument, just change the value) , reboot tablet.

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Sorry for the late reply.

Well. I can report success after doing some testing for a few days. The reg key that I added (as above) puts the ‘Processor power management’ option on the Power Options window, woohoo, so then I set battery to 80% and power at 100% and it hasn’t cut out yet (touch wood), it works portable like it’s supposed to now so may well get more usage in future. I have something useful at last.

Many thanks to Biosham for the fix :heart:

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