Android shortcuts on HiPad Plus?

On the HiPad Plus — how do you create a shortcut to an Android app and place the shortcut on the display?

Hi, you press on the icon of the app for 3 seconds and then, without releasing the pressure, you move the icon and release it on the home page or other location. This will create a shortcut.

Thanks, Scotty. But how do you create a new icon for an app when there is no icon yet?

Or — how do you get to the page of all apps, the page with all of the icons on it?

In other android devices, you just swipe up on the home screen for this; but on the HiPad Plus, this doesn’t seem to work.

@robert37 which version of Android is installed on your HiPad Plus?

My HiPad Plus has Android 10 installed. So far, the only way to see the list of apps is to go to settings/apps; but apparently, you cannot drag shortcuts from that.