Backlight dead : where canI find the backlight fuse?

Hello everyone, I’m trying to find the backlight fuse on my motherboard. I have a chuwi lapbook pro 14.1 and suddenly the display backlight doesn’t work. But the lcd screen work and a second screen with HDMI work as well. I’m trying to find the fuse in order to test if it’s my LED which doesn’t work or the fuse which is blown… Thanks a lot for your help if someone can find this fuse…. I attached picture of my motherboard.


Keyboard backlight does not work, is not necessarily the problem of the motherboard, may be the keyboard.

Hello, no I’m totally not speaking about the keyboard… I’m speaking about the backlight(LED) of my screen(LCD) it suddenly turn it off. So no brightness of the screen but the LCD still works. I made a vidéo to explain my problem:

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Yeah I already wrote them.