BIOS Autostart CHUWI HeroBox

Hi, buy a CHUWI HeroBox Windows 10 Mini PC
It works perfect, but I need that if there is a power cut and the vulve power, the CHUWI starts automatically

How can I enter the advanced bios to indicate the automatic start when there is a power cut?


Hello, can someone help me on this issue

This function is not provided, try to write to support, maybe they will make some fix.

Is there a way to do it via a timer and a relay? Does it have pins for a power switch?

You can solder any switch in parallel with the power button if you like. But i don’t know how to track whether the PC is on or not.

I’ve heard nothing back about my Chuwi Larkbox other than it does not suppotr power-on-lan or auto- power-up - which makes it fairly useless. Surely there must be a way…