LarkBox: Automatic boot on power?

Hi everyone,

Is there a way of setting the LarkBox to immediately boot once it receives power? So it automatically reboots in case the power goes out. I need that functionality for an electronic signage application.


So do I and no matter where I checdk in the BIOS I can’t find it - can someone from Chuwi please respond? I live in one of MANY areas around the world where short power failures are not uncommon - my PC defaults to power on but the Chuwi seems to default to power off. Can we change this?

Same issue here and it is quite an important requirement to us as well.

Waiting for Chuwi team response, this issue is very important for me as well.
Autoboot on power is required to use LarkBox as home automation core or small home server.

I wrote to Chuwi tech supportr about boot on power up - and wake on lan (assuming a USB hardwird LSN addition) neither of which work. O don;t think they understood that these are separate isssues as all I got back was:

"Sorry, this machine doesn’t have the function you need

Regards Jim "

So either there is a language issue or the Larkbox is essentially useless for any kind of remote or headless access. Until I hear more - that, sadly is where things stand - forget home automation as well… does anyone know any differnet, or would Chuwi like to respond in here?

I’ve found solution, but it is hardware. You need to solder wire to power button (you should be very accurate, parts are very small and located close to each other). Connect button through capacitor and resistor to ground. I used 47uf capacitor and 1.5k resistor. When power appears capacitor is empty, and simulates pressed button. After short time capacitor becomes charged and simulate like button is released. Resistor is used to discharge capacitor when power off.


It is your own risk, and after this action you lose warranty.


Thanks @ivan.m, I did it on my HeroBox. It works :slight_smile: I guess you are my new hero now!

It was too small to solder on the power, so I just soldered to ground and taped the capacitor. That way it applies some pressure on the wire and it keeps in contact with the center of the button.

(on the photo you can see that I disconnected the ventilator, but it has nothing to do with the boot on power issue, it’s just too noisy, another bios issue ^^)

Thank you for your simple solution!
Previously, I’ve used at attiny85 which connected to power button on larkbox to emulate power button.
After your advice, I’ve connected capacitor 6,3v 47uf and 1,5k resistor in parallel to the power button of larkbox(not to the ground).
It works like a charm without any microcontroller and external power.
Thank you again!

omg what a joke :man_facepalming:

not only that Chuwi MiniPCs do not support this standard feature, on top of that there’s no info in the specs about the crippled BIOS and Chuwi doesn’t even respond to their customers here.

We are looking for a device that we can recommend to our business partners so they can run it in headless mode behind a wall, booting up when power is turned on. But I guess that’s not possible without this hardware hack and without losing the warranty.

We will now send back the devices instead of buying a lot more. Thanks for nothing.

It’s way too small to hack so i’ve come with this stupid solution … :slight_smile: