Larkbox - "Wake on power" function not working

Dear All,

I sent Chuwi 2 messages so far but no answer so I decided to ask here in the forums.

Has anyone of you managed to get the “Wake on power” function working?
I cannot, whatever I set in BIOS.

Just to explain: “Wake on power” is supposed to turn on the PC every time power is applied via the USB-C port. This is used to power on the computer after power loss, for example.

The BIOS menu looks like this:

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

Some settings in the BIOS have no effect since this BIOS is almost universal for many devices. Possible this option doesn’t work.

This function is almost a necessity as these small computers may be installed on TVs or monitors for digital signage and may be difficult to reach the power button when installed.

Please enable this auto power on after power failure function. :slight_smile:


The auto power on function, extremely common on normal PCs and laptops - along with wake on LAN - should be fixed urgently - is anyone from Chuwi reading this? I was very disappointed on receiving my Larkbox to discover that neither of these functions work.

We are still waiting for this necessary feature. Please.

Same issue. Took me ages to find the setting then it didn’t work.

This severely limits my use of the box and I was going to recommend it to many people. Now I can’t unless it has permanent UPS which is not feasible for something of this ability.

Hello all.
This appears to be a windows problem and I found the answer after a brief google search.
After applying the first two of the instructed changes on my Larkbox wakes and starts up nicely.
The best of luck

PS. I didnot change any BIOS settings in fact I didnot even open the BIOS

PSPS. Helpdesk you are not worth your name if you cannot offer the solution for a problem that apparantly already exists since Windows8 (!). Best of luck to you too.