BIOS reset - Larkbox

Somehow after updating Windows my Larkbox will not turn boot or even post at all. No display or anything just the blue power light is lit and nothing happens. I was wondering if it’s possible to do a BIOS reset. I have taken it apart and disconnected the CMOS battery, but that obviously didn’t reset the bios settings for some reason.

Not sure that a BIOS Reset will solve this known issue (at least, I haven’t read any such thing in the comments here and on Indiegogo’s page).
There’s an ‘update’ link available in Indiegogo’s Updates that is supposed to set up things right… I didn’t try it so far, as I’m running a fresh Windows on an SSD.
The problem is actually/potentially a Windows (post-update) problem with Intel Video drivers (and fan, and…)

i have the same issue and how can i resolve it?

I think PC has booted but issues occurred with display output.
I would like to know how to reset BIOS too.

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There’s definitely a problem with Intel’s Video Drivers. No idea so far… Installed a fresh Windows on additional SSD and everything’s going fine… so far.

Are you having the same problems though? After updating Windows, it literally will not even POST nor can I get it to go into the BIOS.

Like I’ve said I’ve disconnected the CMOS battery … For 24 hours but I do believe the settings are stored on a ram chip rather than on a rom chip like a normal PC.

It’s literally bricked.

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yup same issue here, probably wont even give us a refund .

I emailed them, apparently I believe there’s a way to “reflash” the entire system. I’m going to try it and hope for the best.

EDIT: no fix so far. :roll_eyes:


Same problem here, I didn’t even get to boot in to windows, I first took al look at the bios didn’t change any settings after reboot only blue led no POST no numlock led, just bricked. The also tried disconnecting bios battery but nothing, also directly made contact but no response.

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I have same problem even my blue lights not coming how can i resolve this?

How can i make reflash system??

Did you try the special tool linked in 'Updates’on Indiegogo’s page?

Yes I did nothing helped

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…don’t know if this will help, but you could try (if you haven’t already) -> press the power button and hold the F7 key, select ‘setup’ from the menu … upon entering BIOS settings, review everything carefully for clues. Perhaps try a ‘reset to default settings,’ save and exit.


Yeah but the problem is that I can’t even get into the BIOS period. It’s like it’s bricked before POST.

…ouch, I feel your pain … as jam packed as this device is with VLSI, it must be ultra sensitive to ESD. I sincerely hope you obtain a satisfactory solution.


…something occurred to me after my last post … it’s possible that your issue is just a corrupt EFI partition. There is a utility called ‘EasyUEFI Professional’ by Hasleo Software that may help (link below):


Hi guys,
Same issue with my Larkbox cant see Chuwi boot logo, no keyboard combinations to enter bios works.
Tried diff monitors too.

Any way to reset bios?

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Did you manage to reset UEFI bios or system reset?