BIOS reset - Larkbox

Somehow after updating Windows my Larkbox will not turn boot or even post at all. No display or anything just the blue power light is lit and nothing happens. I was wondering if it’s possible to do a BIOS reset. I have taken it apart and disconnected the CMOS battery, but that obviously didn’t reset the bios settings for some reason.

Not sure that a BIOS Reset will solve this known issue (at least, I haven’t read any such thing in the comments here and on Indiegogo’s page).
There’s an ‘update’ link available in Indiegogo’s Updates that is supposed to set up things right… I didn’t try it so far, as I’m running a fresh Windows on an SSD.
The problem is actually/potentially a Windows (post-update) problem with Intel Video drivers (and fan, and…)

i have the same issue and how can i resolve it?

I think PC has booted but issues occurred with display output.
I would like to know how to reset BIOS too.

There’s definitely a problem with Intel’s Video Drivers. No idea so far… Installed a fresh Windows on additional SSD and everything’s going fine… so far.

Are you having the same problems though? After updating Windows, it literally will not even POST nor can I get it to go into the BIOS.

Like I’ve said I’ve disconnected the CMOS battery … For 24 hours but I do believe the settings are stored on a ram chip rather than on a rom chip like a normal PC.

It’s literally bricked.

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yup same issue here, probably wont even give us a refund .

I emailed them, apparently I believe there’s a way to “reflash” the entire system. I’m going to try it and hope for the best.

EDIT: no fix so far. :roll_eyes:

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