Bios Hyper-V not compatible

Hello, I have a computer that I bought last year.
(AMD Ryzen 9 4900H with Radeon Graphics)

I have installed windows 11 and need to use Hyper-V in order to make use of the windows subsystem for android.

I have activated the SVM option previously from the Bios and activated all the Hyper-V options from windows but I always get an error.

“Make sure that the virtual machine platform is activated.
Make sure the device has virtualization enabled in the BIOS…”

I have run an app that tells me if my amd device supports Hyper-v and it says is not compatible or the Bios needs a patch.

I also had to deactivate the NX mode in the bios because if it stays active, windows does not start and hangs, always showing me the blue screen.

am i missing something? Is there a patch for this bios?

Thank you in advance