BIOS request for Lapbook Pro 8Gb 256SSD

To Chuwi Support,

Please provide the BIOS(E.G140J.D8.E1.006) for LapBook Pro 8GB 256SSD.

Your current BIOS(E.G140J.S4.E1.002) for download is for the 4GB 64GB version. It is NOT the same as the newer version.

Thank you.

Try to find at here :,1ivbxa3awxwlfk5,dclzib55u4e1sqc,0j27lgsdr534sp4,lg0y7jf6et8blcz,ottit6dcej6nj80/shared

Hi Chuwi Support,

The given link is for Lapbook Plus. It is a different model.

Please provide the BIOS for the newer version of Lapbook Pro 8Gb 256SSD.

Thank you.

Hi, i flashed it to my lapbook pro but now when i boot up it gives me black screen and I can’t do anything. I have the 8/256 version, my model is Q256G419121368 Type CWI530.
Is that the correct BIOS? Otherwhise could you send me the correct one to ?

Thank you

Contact for right bios.

I did it already, thank you. I’m just trying to use all the channels available

Do you have resolved BIOS issue? I saw there is a new BIOS file on this mediafire folder

I solved leaving the battery detached from motherboard for several hours. Thanks for the update, though it seems the same file as the one in the 8G folder

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