I need a way to reset BIOS settings to factory defaults

I tried to reinstall the OS from USB and I accidentally set ‘OS select’ to ‘Linux’ in BIOS. Now my laptop does not boot. When I turn it on, the screen stays black, the CHUWI logo does not appear. The power LED and keyboard backlight come on, but that’s all that happens.

Any help would be appreciated.


Please contact aftersale@chuwi.com.

I have the same problem. Changed ‘OS select’ to ‘Linux’. Now the screen stays black after booting up. Also sent an email to aftersale. Creating a ticket on Contact us,Chuwi Support - Chuwi Official -Laptop, Android/Windows Tablet PC,Mini PC did not work for me (HTTP errors 503 and 403).

I suspect the BIOS setting(s) can still be reset by “blind-typing” on the keyboard. See for example https://techtablets.com/forum/topic/lapbook-air-uefibios-sequence-to-restore-defaults/#post-141645.

REQUEST: Can someone (maybe from Chuwi?) with a Lapbook Pro provide a similar sequence of key-presses to:

  • either reset all the BIOS settings
  • or change the ‘OS select’ from ‘Linux’ back to ‘Windows’?

Thanks in advance.


Did you fix it? I have the same problem

No, I was not able to fix it. Tried Esc, F2, Fn+F2, F12 or Del to get into the BIOS and then “(F2 + Enter +) F3 + Enter + F4 + Enter” to reset the BIOS.

Have not checked the HDMI output, since I don’t have a micro-HDMI cable. (In another thread for another model but the same issue, the HDMI output also remained black.)

This bug is a bit unexpected since Chuwi advertises Linux compatibility (at least on Chuwi’s and Aliexpress’s websites). This is clearly a factory defect in my opinion, even without the Linux compatibility claim.

Still have not heard anything from Chuwi support (aftersale@chuwi.com).

NOTE There is a similar thread at https://techtablets.com/forum/topic/chuwi-lapbook-pro-8gb-i-need-a-way-to-reset-bios-settings-to-factory-defaults/.

I was not able to fix it, either.

Chuwi support told me to reflash BIOS. But I can’t even get to Boot Menu to boot from USB.
I asked them for a different solution. Now, they don’t answer any of my messages.

Has anyone disassembled it yet? Is there a CMOS battery to remove or any other way to reset settings?

I can reflash the BIOS but how to do it blindly, they should have guides at least, I can’t believe this lack of support I’m regretting buying it…

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I uploaded the guide Chuwi Support sent to me.

You can download it here:

Hope this helps.

Tried it, did not work (Keys: F7, 1x DownArrow, Enter. Activity light on the USB stick/key does not light up).

After all the key-sequences I’ve tried, it looks like the BIOS is not functioning at all (only the keyboard hardware). If that’s the case, access to the motherboard or replacing the motherboard/lapbook will probably be required.

Same, USB port isn’t working , I’ll try hdmi but guess it’ll be the same.

Edit. Didn’t work, nothing works, I’ll just send it back, is annoying to buy something, paying DHL shipping and duties, being supposedly good and not being able to boot even a different operative system and that the BIOS just locks and breaks if you try to boot it. Worst experience ever…

Sorry to hear this but the laptop was working from the beginning and with an operating system installed. All malfunction was caused by its manipulation, which I understand is expert, but that cannot be verified if it was correct.

Manipulation of options given and posted here officially. Any other company supports Linux, only chuwi makes it this complicated. I’m getting back my money.

I have not seen an official thread with the instructions

In the instructions, an USB keyboard is mentioned. Is it a must to have in order for this to work?

Not 100% sure, but I don’t think so. I believe the instructions were originally written for a tablet.

Yep usb keyboard is for Tablet, I’m getting a ch341a chip flasher, seems to be the only solution, it costs like 5 dollars :wink: should work just flashing this [Lapbook Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi LapBook Pro Windows, Drivers,Download

Why do all this if the laptop is still new (less than 1 year old, in the warranty period)?

How exactly do you plan to extract the Windows key from the BIOS and flash it back again?

The guaranty is in China and I’m in Mexico and have to pay the shipping costs like 70 dollars, it takes more than 2 months to get it fixed and back they say, the BIOS is non functional and I’ve s windows professional key extra anyway, this is the cheapest and easiest solution, I’ll do exactly what they will do.

Good point. Didn’t know shipping costs could be that high (no response from Chuwi support at all).

Will probably also try to flash the BIOS: CH341A chip programmer with 1.8V adapter and soic8 clip (to avoid (de)soldering the chip).

You may not need to add the Windows key to the BIOS, if Windows is already activated at first boot and connected to the internet.

Has someone already opened the laptop and identified the BIOS chip?

I saw a teardown and it has a 25Q80CS16