Bricked Minibook after choosing "Target OS: Linux" in BIOS

Hello friends,

i, too, have bricked my new Minibook 4100 on day 1 by choosing the fatal option of Linux inside the BIOS. I was trying to remedy a non-functioning touchpad and a somewhat noisy fan.

Now my device does not boot, no Chuwi-Logo, just the lit keyboard. The key for switching the keyboard on and off still works. I have tried to flash the BIOS with the files provided in this forum - without success.
I also have tried any keyboard combinations on startup and am now waiting for a response from the Chuwi service, whom i have emailed.

In the meantime, i would like to hear how (If?) others successfully got out of this situation. I am thinking about blind-circling through the bios in case that only the display does not work, but i cant remember the correct sequence to disable the Linux option. I have no mini-HDMI at hand, is it worth to by one to connect to an external display?

Such a pity that this problem exists on this otherwise very nice device.

If you have a usb flash drive with a light indicator, insert it and start the laptop. If the indicator flashes, it means initialization is successful and you can try to reset the BIOS using the second monitor. If the indicator does not blink, then laptop does not pass initialization and you need to flash the correct bios with external programmer.

i had the same problem, the solution was to disconnect the battery from the motherboard for about 1 hour >> then returned the BIOS to its original values and the laptop began working again to do it I had to break the warranty sticker :frowning:

Thanks for the replies, i will definitely try both methods!

alda.cerny: What exactly do you mean with “then returned the BIOS to its original values”, do you mean that this happens automatically (like with doing a CMOS reset)?

yes, exactly as you wrote

i found this solution on this forum for another computer and it was working for my minibook too, but try first connect the second monitor

Signed up here to report, that I had the same problem (“bricked” after changing to “Target OS: Linux”).

As @alda.cerny outlined, opening the device up, disconnecting the battery for a bit and reconnecting it will clear the BIOS configuration, bringing the minibook back into a bootable state.

Tried installing Ubuntu, minibook stuck and rebooted, then it was stuck on CHUWI logo, no boot to bios, neither boot device or OS. Tried flashing BIOS with CH341a flasher but no luck, still same. You think it’s a BIOS error or EC device?
Maybe try flashing EC device. Keyboard works ok because when powering on Minibook, when I press TAB and ESC it shows “entering setup…” but never shows that, it’s stuck