Minibook out , black screen

My minibook N4100 does not start anymore. when starting the fan starts but I have a black screen. Impossible to boot on a USB flash drive, everything is blocked. No Chuwi logo. I completely turned off the machine and restarted it.

This problem occurs when I modified the operating system in Linux in the bios.

The BIOS is only needed when the device can’t be turned on.Can not be used casually, otherwise it is easy to become a useless brick.

Please contact

Does this mean that incorrect bios settings can make the minibook unusable?
If this is the case, it is incomprehensible, by changing the declaration of the operating system, I have never known such a thing.

Yes,BIOS cannot be used casually

This is the first time I have seen this.
What is the solution?

The bios should always remain accessible. I’m not flashing it, I just changed a setting.
This is the bios that you can use,try to flash it.You should contact if it is doesn’t work

nothing happens, it doesn’t boot on the USB stick.
I formatted the key on fat32 and past in the root all files

:disappointed_relieved: I’m sorry to hear that.Maybe is time to contact

I wrote to them, do you know if they’re responsive ?
Thank you

I have the same problem on a lapbook Pro. Also after a change in the BIOS. I wrote to a few days ago. THEY DO NOT ANSWER. The whole party should have a problem, measures must be taken.

Then please tell me your email.

If they have already answered, you can delete this message in case of privacy exposure.

Oh no, it just happened to me as well…

On 16/12/2019 I received an e-mail sent by chuwi to everybody via the indiegogo platform with subject “Update #26 from MiniBook-Mobile Workstation In Your Hand”.
In this email they published a small FAQ and all the download links to the firmware and bios download files.
In the email FAQ they did explicitly write:
“Q4: The cooling fan is too noisy.
A4: Reinstall the BIOS”

Since the annoying fan on my unit was constantly on today I flashed as instructed the right BIOS and EC files for my N4100 minibook.

And now the laptop turns on to a black screen, no chuwi logo anymore, just the led and the keyboard backlight light up.

What could I do? I’m desperate!

Since Chuwi did not provide any recovery procedure or dual bios (at least i dont know about it), you need to send the laptop to the service or buy a programmer+stepdown adapter and manually flash the old version of EC and bios.

Where do you have access to a Dump of 4100 EC? What is provided by chuwi is not a dump of the EC chip. Any information gratefully accepted…

This is dump for EC programmer

If you want dump for SPI chip contact
You also can rebuild your dump if it’s not completely damaged.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve looked at that file and it’s 132Kb and the actual EC chip is 1Mb. The 132Kb file doesn’t work by flashing with a hardware flasher and it’s not simply padded for 1Mb so we’re stuck without an actual dump. We can’t flash that file because out 4100 minibooks do not boot into UEFI (bios) without a worked EC. Catch 22.

You can try to unsolder SPI chip with EC firmware and flash EC with 132Kb file directly.

Hi a bit lost here…

I can already flash the EC directly with a hardware flasher. 132kb wont stick. 132kb padded out to 1Mb doesn’t work either.

Thanks again