Minibook blank screen

When I got my minibook, I did the Windows update immediately. After downloading and installing, the blue screen came on, prompting a restart.

After restarting the Minibook, the screen is just blank, with no Chuwi logo whatsoever. I can hear the fan spinning, the blue light below the screen came on, and the keyboard is lit.

Anyone has a solution to this issue? Thank you.

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Hold the power button for about 10 seconds then it will hard power off the system.

Then if you turn it up everything should come back on.

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Hello Ionea,
Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I have tried that.

When I pressed and hold the power button, the blue light came on for a few seconds, can hear the fan spins, and then light went off and cane back in again after a second or two. Then it stays that way.

Keyboard is lit, but screen still remains blank.

Have you try plugging in the hdmi and connecting to a external monitor?

Yes, I did. There was no signal and the external monitor was also blank.

To be fair to the seller, they have been responsive. And when all failed, they also agreed to change for me a new set. :blush:

i ve the same problem. Black screen, no action possible.
Can you tell me how you resolve your problem ?
You contact the technical support, they changed your minibook ?
Thank you.


I contacted Windows tech support, but could not solve anything.

Luckily the seller I bought from agree to change for me a new set.

I bought my set from a re-seller in Taobao. :blush:

I received my new set and so far, all seems to be good.

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