I paid for Chuwi Minibook on 20 October on Banggood.
I picked up device on 05 November.
The Minibook never turned on, never booted up. It is dead completely.

Official Chuwi after-sale support replied me “We do not nothing for you, please contact with Seller”.

I have written for Seller several times, several ! almost every day - Seller did not replied.
Yesterday Banggood replied “Please return the device - but only by ordinary post”

Now I am month later since I waste my money, with no working device, no money back.
And I have to await next several days, or weeks! untill the package from Europe will go to Hongkong by ordinary post service.

I see with surprise today, this device Chuwi Minibook dissapeared from Banggood, with next date to be expect of 16 December.

Does the unit lightup on the side when you plug in the charger?

yes it does