Chuwi minibook won't turn on even when plugged in

I have been using the minibook for 5 months. Most of the time I use it plugged in with the stock charger (the laptop will not be charged with other usb c charger). I used it with battery only for last week and now the laptop wont turn on anymore. When I plugged in the stock charger the led indicator will not light up but the body heats up really high.
Is there anyway I can fix this?

It seems battery is dead
You can mail to Chuwi and ask for a replacement(battery)。

But during the epidemic it shuold take you a looong time for this if you live far away from China.

Is there any way I can use the laptop with charger only? Should I open it, disconnect the battery and try turning it on?

My minibook (core m+8gb+256gb) works fine with the battery disconnected.

Update: I disconnected the battery and plugged the charger but the laptop refuse to turn on. The area around the processor got really hot but I have no clue what to do next.

If you have already opened the minibook, then nothing prevents you from removing the cooling and finding out what exactly is heating. If only the processor is heating up, then perhaps the minibook is trying to turn on, but due to a damaged BIOS it does not initialize, or the processor is damaged.

I have a similar sort of problem, and have had my Minibook sat on a shelf unloved for the last few months now. It stopped powering up after an extended sleep drained the battery. I followed the popular advice to open it up and disconnect the battery but no joy. What I DO get is three very faint bleeps when the power is connected to the USB-C.
I contacted Chuwi who advised me to send it to Spain, but reading the forums I can’t see me ever getting it back. Besides, I’ve removed the so-called QC label.
So any ideas how to fix it?

Update2: So I removed the battery and leave it for a few days. Now my there is charging light when I plugged the charger in but I still can’t turn it on. The blue light turned on but that was it. I tried removing the battery and turn on the laptop while plugged in but no luck either. I’m really disappointed in Chuwi now