Cannot power up minibook

Hi, I cannot power up my laptop.

I bought this through indiegogo campaign.

The blue led beside charging port lights up when I press the power on button, and will be off when I release the power button

Please contact

Hi, I have done so and was advise to use the forum by Alisa.

Can you please help?

Can you send a video to me ?

Can I have your email address? The forum does not allow loading of video

You can upload it somewhere else and just put the link here.


Chloe is now attending to me. Thanks for your response.

Hi I have been advise to send in my minibook for repair in July due to the pandemic reasons. However I have wrote an email to request confirmation of the address but have not had a reply since 15 July.

I have not been able to use the mini book for 4 months. I hope you can offer a walk around solution promptly.

Thank you

please send your email to me .