Minibook X n100 - Black Screen

Hi ,I Have minibook X n100 no video internal screen ,but works external monitor and touch ,i see other user with bios problem ,but i can acess bios in external monitor ,

Thanks for help me

Have you tryed reinstalling windows?

No luck for me with an external monitor. Have tried both usb-c ports.

What key have you been using for bios? I was told esc. But that hasn’t brought anything up on internal or external screen.

Tried booting from a usb stick to reinstall windows, but still nothing on screen. Maybe I need to get into bios to tell it to boot from USB :man_shrugging:t2::frowning:

The only success I get is the keyboard backlight :frowning:

F7 ( no Fn key) works for me. When the keyboard backlight turn on I instantly start mashing f7. Do make sure the device is fully powered off and not in sleep mode tho.
And does the chuwi logo ever show up, or is the screen always black no matter waht?

its possible make install windows without internal screen ?

If you can access bios on external screen then you could probably install windows throught it.

Bios is not appear in external screen