Minibook X BIOS

My minibook X suddenly has an unresponsive screen after the battery went into a deep discharge.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery did not help and neither did reseating the display connector.

I have tried to flash the image here also with little success:

Can someone (maybe @ChuwiService) post the Minibook X BIOS and instructions for flashing a new BIOS with a blank screen?

I can’t help with the BIOS, but I spent a lot of time messing with the touchscreen. Have you checked in device manager if it shows up and is working with the right drivers? It should be one of the “I2C HID Devices”

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The display doesn’t work at all and the device appears to be bricked. The only sign of life is that long-pressing the power button (~20s) does appear to trigger the reset and then pressing it for ~4s does make the blue light turn on like it would during a normal boot. Charging indicator also illuminates red/green as expected.

I suspect the BIOS is corrupted, but no real way to test (HDMI over USB doesn’t work either)

I have exactly the same problem! can @ChuwiService help to get bios reset file?

I have similar problem after the battery went into deep discharge, now only Chuwi logo appear and it stuck on it…

I think Chuwi no longer respond to the forum. Better to write for help. But I am surprised that so many people has this issue. Maybe there is no CMOS battery and when battery went out, it reset the CMOS?

I asked my colleagues of support and they said “If the machine indicator light is on and the display screen does not work, you can only send the device to us for inspection and repair.”.

If you guys think installing a BIOS would solve the problem, i can ask for the files, if neccesary. If so please send the picture of the label on the back so i can have a look.

Maybe @manonegra222 could give us some new idea?

When the battery is completely discharged, battery protection is activated so that it remains completely empty. The only way to disable that protection is to put the charger on for several days and it will turn back on. It is also possible by removing the battery and charging it directly (this solution is frequently used by multi-brand technical services)

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